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Sarah & Mike

Another winter session this past weekend :)  I think I am getting use to the cold!  I at least got to stay bundled up - Sarah and Mike had to go coatless for half of the session!  They don't even look cold! ; )

 These too were so cute (and brave) - and I am really looking forward to their September wedding!! 



All done 2013 weddings, onto 2014!

I wrapped up my last 2013 wedding about a month ago - We have been steadily booking for 2014.  Our wedding season starts in February!!  Here is one of my July wedding couples - could they be any more beautiful?  I am very excited to capture their intimate wedding at The Mora Farm.  It will be photographed by Chris and I - and vintage styled by me and my team!  CAN NOT WAIT! :) 
If you are recently engaged and starting to plan - make sure to contact me for available dates and vintage rentals!



from roller skates to wedding bells

I got an email from a childhood friend, she was engaged and getting married in about 3 months.  She needed a photographer for the wedding and engagement pictures done :)  I am lucky to be able to be involved in their special day.  Not only as a guest - but, I get to capture the moments they will cherish for a lifetime. 

Amanda and her family lived on a farm about 5 miles or so from us.  Her family and my family spent many weekend nights together - grilling out home grown burgers, playing kick-the-can, roller skating in the basement, making s'mors on a campfire.  We were all in 4-H together, many crafts, baked goods, and livestock shows spent together.  Their families have been so close to us, they are much like family.  

There is no doubt I will shed a few tears on the day of her wedding - I already did during her engagement session.  I am such a sap! 

Amanda and Ben will be married 2 weeks after John and I.  Some days it is unreal to believe that we are 30, when it feels like just yesterday was sleep overs and make-up.  

Congratulations Amanda and Ben! 




First Wedding of 2013

I have my first wedding of 2013 on June 22, with several more to follow - including my own!  Here is my first Bride and Groom for 2013.  They are simply lovely - and I can not wait to photography their wedding!

Here is Amanda and Ryan!




capturing love {through a lens}

I was given the opportunity to photograph two weddings last year.  Both couples took a leap of faith in me, because I had only assisted in one other wedding before.  I believe both weddings were a roaring success!  You can see the blogs about them here and here.  

Shortly after, I was contacted through my site by a lady named Laura.  She was referred to me by a friend - the best compliment a photographer can receive is a referral.  Laura was getting married.  She told me a few things up front.   They were both middle aged and they didn't want a big 'to-do'.  Just a small, simple wedding.  My thoughts after reading the email... it sounded perfect.  And definitely something we could make work! We decided to meet and go over some of the wedding details.  

When I met Laura, she was very pleasant and kind.  We went over the details -and she had them all mapped out.  Very organized - beautifully planned.  She had addresses and contact information all ready for me.  We discussed Save-the Dates.  I asked her if there was anything significant in their story that she would like me to bring out in the save the dates.  And, she beamed - literally.  She said there was a quote by David that she would like on there.  We planned it out - and scheduled a date for their engagement shoot.

We had a beautiful day, a little windy but we made it work.  My favorite part, it was as if I was invisible to them.  Not because they were rude or it was an awkward encounter.  It was the love and their engagement of each other that was so perfect.   David is a character!  He was joking and laughing and kissing the entire time. Which made Laura giggle and smile, the entire time.  It shows in their pictures. 

I feel very lucky to have met these two people that found their way to each other.   All good things are worth waiting for - and Laura and David have found a meaningful and true love that they will share together forever.  I am blessed to be able to witness it.  Here are a few of their pictures - you can feel the love.

Here is their Save the Date that we came up with.  I think it represents them well :) 

Congratulations Laura & David! 



Mike and Kate {engagement session}

This is my cousin Michael and his fiance Kate.  They were visiting this past week from Alaska.  Mike is pilot there, and found a pretty adorable catch, Kate! 

Welcome to the family Kate! 

Here are a few of their pictures!


Congratulations on your engagement! :)