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If you give a boy a stick {he will give you a smile}

These two little sillies were so fun to take pictures of.  They started out very serious - they didn't want to make it too easy ;)  But, Give a boy a stick and have an apple hunt - and they will give you a smile.  They came into their own shortly after a brief warming up - And the pictures could not have been cuter.  As I was editing I kept thinking to myself, 'how is she going to pick 1 pictures for her Father's day gift?"  Well, after some discussion - she went with a framed collage of them.  It was adorable!
Because this session was for a Father's Day gift, I was keeping it a secret - I am SO GLAD that I can post this session now because these two...  My oh my!  As you scroll, you will see what I mean.  The cool part was to actually photograph them.  We all had a good time.  You can't fake this much cuteness!  The boys just acted like boys - and I am so happy I got the opportunity to capture it.  Thanks Jonanne - the boys are both sweet and adorable! 
Very soon they will be added to several sections in the Gallery.  



Cat's out of the bag.... {session reveal}

I don't get that saying...  Cat's out of the bag??  If a cat were in a bag, I am pretty sure we would know it...  Anyway, onto the important stuff...  and by important I mean the adorable session I am now allowed to share.  

The folks that know me, know that I can't do surprises!  I get so excited, that I ruin it - they get gifts early or I go on and on about the fabulous gift they are going to get... and then I talk myself into telling them what it is.  HOWEVER, this surprise I was keeping, kinda...  I got to share it with people I work with and my family, but they were NOT allowed to breathe a word about the top secret Father's Day Photo Sessions.  But, I received a text yesterday that said, it was no longer a surprise - She had to share the beautiful pictures with her husband.  Phewww....  NOW I can share!  Thanks Nicole!  I was having a hard time containing myself!! ;)

Justin - Happy Father's Day, early! ;)






A Father carries pictures... {Father's Day Special}

"A Father carries pictures where his money use be" ~ Unknown

Father's Day Mini Sessions

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It's the simply things...

making gingerbread houses.

sprinkles on cookies (that later get eaten by the dog).

wearing Mommy's sunglasses (that end up broken).

time with family.

the love of Santa.

smiles.  laughter.  joy.