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sometimes, somethings got to give - catching up on the last 6 months!

Here it is, December January (I started writing this in December).  My last post was July.  

July.  5 6 months ago.

A huge portion of starting this photography journey was for the writing.  I love it.  I love what it invokes in me - deeper thinking. awareness. appreciation.  documentation of life.  To be honest, the photography was almost secondary.  Life, Love & Lemons - is really about life.  My life, and others.  About the journey - ups and downs of life - through words and pictures.  This blog has been neither, lately.

Life is happening. It is moving so fast, I can't keep up.  My passion for writing, is now just another thing to do.  At some point, something has to give.   I have many posts that I have started in my head - lovely short stories that have come from the tender moments with my kids.  And others, the tender moments that arise while taking family pictures, celebrating new life - of bellies, babies and weddings.  I just can't find the time to post them.  I want to! I want to boast about this little chubby cheeked girl that has graced my life - and the highs and lows about everything else.  The photography business is booming with weddings and families and adorable kids -  and one more reason why I can't get sessions blogged - I try to pride myself on a prompt turn around time, and I have been able to keep it - but not blog. I just can not find the time. 

Here it is, December January and I am finally able to put some words down.   I call this the start of my slow time.  And, it isn't.  It is still busy.  It is the time when my mind and body finally get to catch up to each other.  I am once again, thinking about the next step - the next adventure that I want to start down.  The best part, through all of the hussle - I get to keep dreaming.  I am still finding inspiration at every turn.  Winter is my time to plan my attack.  Approaching and building ... right after I update my website with a new look and updated pictures!  What a difference a photography season makes.  I'm learning a lot - and I love the loyalty I get from clients, and the referrals they continue to bless me with!

Below is just a taste of all of the beautiful people I was able to first meet, or watch grow - from engagements to weddings and from growing bellies to growing families.  I loved 2014 and am super excited for 2015!  




 Thank you for all of the loyalty - you all have become more than clients -  you are dear friends!  Can't wait to see what happens in 2015!





Sara's Senior Smiles - comfortable in her skin

Gosh, I can't believe it has been a month since I last posted...  Well, be prepared for overload.  I am going to start my catching up - I have enough clients to blog about since May - It will keep me busy all winter long!

I decided to start with one of my Seniors - I have had really wonderful Seniors this fall - they all have their own identity, their own bit of self that they bring for each session - And I love that each session is uniquely them.  

This is Sara - She was a real natural, and I loved her style.  She needed no direction -  completely comfortable in her own skin. 




Contact me to book your winter or spring Senior Smiles Session!




Johnny - final Senior Smiles entry, baseball

I got to do multiple sessions of Johnny throughout his Senior year.  Johnny is special :)  I work with his Mom and he is best friends with my kid brother, who graduated last year.  I love that Johnny's pictures are unique, and they pushed me out of the standard 'stand and pose' mentality - His are real and natural.  I blogged about Johnny here and here - check out those sessions as well!  They are pretty awesome! 

Here is the final installment of Johnny - He graduates on Sunday the 26th :) Congrats Johnny!





Senior Smiles in action

Last Friday I took more Senior Pictures of Johnny - doing his thing.  :)  He challenged me to do things differently for his pictures.  He loves the in action look.  Over the summer we did a wake board session that I LOVED!  See it here.  So, I attended his game Friday night to grab a few 'in action' shots.  He gave me a lot to pick from!  I don't think his feet ever touched the ground, at least not for long.  He is appropriately wearing number 23! 

I like the newspaper look and feel of these pictures - and Johnny totally rocked it!  

btw: they won!



Senior Smiles {Here's Johnny - Part 1}

Here's Johnny!  

I LOVED doing this session!  It was a beautiful day out on the boat.  Perfect weather, good company, and we even had great music to fit right in with the moment!

This is part 1 of his pictures.  Many more sports editions to come! 

There is still time to get your Fall senior Smiles Session booked!  Contact us today! :) 



pretty cool stuff happening....

In the church parking lot - not panicking, at allLife, Love & Lemons {photography} has been really busy...  and, it doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon.  So, that means the blog may have less personal 'stuff' and a lot more photography bragging! ;)   

We had our first Life, Love & Lemons Wedding this weekend - it was a blast - And the weather, OUTSTANDING! Chris and I got amazing shots - I can't wait to share them. The bride and groom were stunning, and the whole gang was a lot of fun.  We have our 2nd wedding in a couple of weeks and I can confidently say, we are ready!!  :)

On the party trolley (taken with the cell)

Yesterday, after a 14 hour wedding day - I wanted to do some relaxing, but had a few changes in my plans.  It involved running back to the reception hall, I had forgotten some much needed equipment (glad it was still there), dropping off rented equipment, and picking up my car that got left at the church.  I also squeezed in a super cool senior smiles session - I will do a full entry on it soon!  Here is a sneak peek: 

By the evening, John and I found time for a few cold beverages and enjoyed eating our take-out pizza by the river.  We watched the barges come through and ducks squrry as the sun went down.  It was perfect, almost.  


 Brayden made another trip to Virgina.   I feel like I am walking around in circles most of the time, always feeling like I am forgetting something.  Not having that little guy at my arms reach is hard to adjust to.  I know he is having so much fun and he will be home soon.  Until then, every morning I unconsciously turn the tv to the disney channel (172), when I had full and complete intention to put it on CMT (166).  Every. Morning.  And every time I do it, it starts my day out pretty rough...  because I miss him so much.  

Stay close by to catch all of the upcoming session posts!  

Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weekend as much as we did! :) 

Talk soon! :)



2012 Senior Prom

My brother had his Senior Prom on Saturday (tear)!  He looked so handsome and Courtney there are no words...  well, maybe breath taking...  yeah, that works. She was breath taking! 

Actually, these two have become popular on Life, Love & Lemons!  Check out all posts related to them here,  here,  here,  here and  here! :)  

 AND their Senior Portraits in the Gallery!

Scroll down to see their prom pictures!  My favorites of them are when they are giving each other 'looks'...  It is fun to freeze them in the pictures -  so natural, so them! 








Here are some bloopers from our Senior Session on Sunday - I had fun capturing their silliness!  It made for some great bloopers!  Check out their real Senior Portraits in the Gallery under Senior Smiles!



All grown up

There are only a few weeks left for this graduating Senior, my little brother, Nick.  We photographed his Senior pictures over the weekend.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute, right?  Well, Nick is really busy.  Between sports, working on the farm, and lending a hand whenever it is needed (and squeezing time in for his girlfriend), Senior pictures were low on his priority list.  But, we got 'em done - and just in time! 

We had fun during this 2 hour session.  Nick's girlfriend came with - she was a great help - I got some really natural smiles (and glares) out of him with Courtney's provoking (see Courtney's pictures here)! Our favorites of him are the silly ones.  They aren't the posed and perfect - but they are natural and totally Nick.  

I think I will have to post some 'bluppers' - with their permission of course - because they are pretty hilarious! 

Here he is, all grown up and making big plans for the next chapter - I can't wait to see what he will do next! You can read more about Nick in a previous post: Always 8... Check out all of Nick's Senior pictures in the Gallery!




Senior Smiles new face {Courtney Ann}


 Senior Smiles has a new face added: The lovely Courtney Ann! Isn't she beautiful?! Every picture, every pose was perfect!  

She isn't only a lovely face - she is as sweet as could be - and she is the girlfirend to my younger brother, Nick.  My nephew Cole has already claimed her as his girlfriend when he grows up! Watch out Nick! 

Check out more of Courtney's pictures in the Gallery!



Meeting Ashley

I had the privilege of taking Ashley's senior portraits this weekend.  Isn't she lovely!

We had a lot of fun :)  And, we even got an impromptu tour of the local Museum by the sweetest gentleman.  He, who has been married for 58 years, still referred to his wife as his lovely bride.  With that, he also gave some advice for a long and healthy marriage.   He said with an ear to ear grin, " is hard sometimes... actually, no it isn't!  The truth is, we are friends.  That's the secret.  Be great friends." That made me smile - inside and out.  He gave us lots of information about the city, where the name came from and some of the past businesses and buildings that have long since past.  Who knew?! 

We went to multiple locations - and they all turned out really wonderful.  I really had to limit the number of pictures I posted - there were so many beautiful ones to choose from!  She made it easy with a face like hers! We had to combate alittle wind but it added a little something to the pictures as well.  Check out more of Ashley's senior pictures in the Gallery




Little Brother Birthday

Nick and Brayden Easter '10Well, I already did my sentimental post about my little brother growing up a few weeks ago while working on his Senior Portraits.  But today is the official day, 18 years ago Nicholas James Knute was born...  a big bundle of joy... and I mean big bundle...  all 10lbs 4 oz of him! 

Happy 18th Birthday to the baby of the family! Thank you for keeping us all young for a little longer.  We are all excited to see what a wonderful life you will create! 

To read more about Nick - read onto "Always 8..."

To look at the first session of Nick's Senior pictures click here



Always 8...

...that smile...So, this post is a few weeks early.  He doesn't turn 18 until March.  However, I took some of his Senior pictures yesterday and it made me sad... :(

My little brother Nick is the baby of the family.  We are 11 years apart so, myself and the other older siblings helped a lot.  There were so many of us that our household was always a team effort.  

I would always make Nick hold my hand.  If we were walking to Sunday school after church, to the park, through a parking lot, ect.  He would always argue with me but he would eventually give in and listen. For some reason, I have always had the hardest time remembering his age.  To me, Nick was always 8. It was the age that was ingrained into my brain.  Each year was another birthday and another year further from 8.  It became my joke with him every birthday, "How old are you again, 8?"   I think that is when he really came into his own.  He started being intentionally sneaky but also developed a strong work ethic (yes, at 8).  

Nick is a stinker.  He is sensitive and stubborn and a self proclaimed Mama's boy - and proud of it! He has this smile - a smile that always says "I am up to something." And bets are, he usually is.  He had to survive a household of women ( Dad and Nathan were usually working outside).  I attribute that to his sensitive nature, and he will probably be mad at me for posting that but, it is one of my favorite traits about him.  I believe it will make him a wonderful husband / partner someday. 

You add a spark of life to our family, always have.  When we watch you graduate, there wont be a dry eye in the family.  We are proud of you.   Whatever you do, it is going to be great. We love you.  And, no matter how many days and years go by I will always see the 8 year old in you.

Check out the first session of Nick's Senior picturess here!