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on the other side of the lens

This weekend was our Mommy & Me Mini's.  I have so many adorable pictures to share!  I can't wait to get them all edited! Thank you to all the patient Moms, Grandmas, Great-Grandmas, kiddos, and Dad's that participated!  

Also, this weekend I did an engagement session - wedding is in June and I am pumped about it!  Can not wait!  Fun bride and groom - and adorable.  Don't take my word for it, their engagement session will speak for themselves...  coming soon! 

This weekend I also thought it would be a good opportunity to get some of our family pictures done. I am lucky to have my brother-in-law (Chris Bland) who is a photographer so we use each other when we need our family pictures done.  Well.  It has been a while since I have been on the other side of the lens, having our pictures formally taken by someone else.  This experience was ...  less than fun.  And, I get it - getting your pictures taken is not fun, most of the time.  I kinda forget the emotions that parents go through when worrying about what to wear, selecting the optimal time to schedule the appointment based on the happiest hour of the day, spill proofing outfits, begging, bribing, and praying for just one good picture.  With clients, I am patient with their children and I understand what kids need to get those good pictures.  They don't want to sit and pose, most of them any way.  And, you say "smile" and they will do anything but!  I am able to laugh through the sessions, because I am a mom... and because, they aren't my kids! So, I ooze patience :) 

However, put me in the other side of the lens, the one not doing the button pushing, posing, calming, clapping, snapping, making funny noises and faces - my patience is gone.  I had forgotten how stressful it is to have the worry of trying to get the perfect picture. My frustration grew with each completely imperfect pose was shot...    Here are some examples of not our best moments:


 ...  But, Chris got some really great shots....  I will post those soon.  It is proof that through the chaos, there is beauty...  which actually translates into real life quite nicely :) 



pretty cool stuff happening....

In the church parking lot - not panicking, at allLife, Love & Lemons {photography} has been really busy...  and, it doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon.  So, that means the blog may have less personal 'stuff' and a lot more photography bragging! ;)   

We had our first Life, Love & Lemons Wedding this weekend - it was a blast - And the weather, OUTSTANDING! Chris and I got amazing shots - I can't wait to share them. The bride and groom were stunning, and the whole gang was a lot of fun.  We have our 2nd wedding in a couple of weeks and I can confidently say, we are ready!!  :)

On the party trolley (taken with the cell)

Yesterday, after a 14 hour wedding day - I wanted to do some relaxing, but had a few changes in my plans.  It involved running back to the reception hall, I had forgotten some much needed equipment (glad it was still there), dropping off rented equipment, and picking up my car that got left at the church.  I also squeezed in a super cool senior smiles session - I will do a full entry on it soon!  Here is a sneak peek: 

By the evening, John and I found time for a few cold beverages and enjoyed eating our take-out pizza by the river.  We watched the barges come through and ducks squrry as the sun went down.  It was perfect, almost.  


 Brayden made another trip to Virgina.   I feel like I am walking around in circles most of the time, always feeling like I am forgetting something.  Not having that little guy at my arms reach is hard to adjust to.  I know he is having so much fun and he will be home soon.  Until then, every morning I unconsciously turn the tv to the disney channel (172), when I had full and complete intention to put it on CMT (166).  Every. Morning.  And every time I do it, it starts my day out pretty rough...  because I miss him so much.  

Stay close by to catch all of the upcoming session posts!  

Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weekend as much as we did! :) 

Talk soon! :)



Lemons, by Chris Bland

I have been meaning to post some of Chris' work for a while now.  And, there has been some recent additions to FB so, I thought I would highlight a few of his projects.  See below.  They have all turned out beautiful! 

I have to say, I haven't had my picture professionally taken since I was a Senior in High School.  I was nervous.  Chris mentioned that he had a surprise for me.  So, when I pulled up to our session, he had an old truck waiting for me!  It was a fantastic surprise - and a terrible tease...  I wanted to keep it!!  Check out the Lemons by Chris! To set a session up with Chris, email him at