a little bit about me.

[fall 2011] I was a just turned 30 year old, single mom of a 3 year old boy most often called Little Buddy (LB).  I have dreams of him being the President someday (only, of course, if he can keep his integrity and make the world a better place).  I have a degree in Psychology and a true love for life experiences and how they shape us.  I believe that joy and beauty surrounds us everyday.  I attempt to see life through the wide, curious eyes of my toddler.  All new experiences, seeing and learning for the first time.  I relish in those moments with him, proud beyond words and love beyond measure.

[summer 2013] I recently got married to the man of my dreams.  He exudes patience and respect and love.  He has been a true blessing in my life - and, I didn't even see it coming. I had accepted a life that would involve only one little man, and I was comfortable with what that life looked like for us.  However, right in the middle of an already extraordinary life, God finds a way to squeeze in another blessing.  Now, we are on many new adventures - working on finding the balance in this sometimes crazy life.  

 [fall 2015] Fast forward a few years and we have many new blessings in our life.  A sweet, beautiful baby girl - Miranda and my newest baby Beau.  Some days, the chaos is overwhelming - and three children are a lot to manage but they are the best kind of chaos - the smiley, giggly, squishy, lovable kind.  We moved into a beautiful home, in our tiny little town of Leland.  Population: 800.  Home of the Panthers.  No stop lights, and lots of pride.  It's our kind of perfect.

[summer 2019] Fast forward, again, and we have our last little babe added to our family. Sweet baby Mae. She is me. Kind and stubborn. lovable and determined. We bought a fixer-upper last summer and have made it into our forever home (i think). John and I sit back, briefly, every day to soak in all that we have been blessed with. We have 4 healthy children that drive us crazy, and a beautiful home with a never ending list of projects - but we love it all. God is good.

What's in a name?

The 'lemon' theme is completely appropriate for me.   I am learning (still, daily) through life, and a lot of lemons, how to appreciate the little things and take my challenges in stride, and with a smile.  I am truly blessed in the life I have.  It isn't very glamorous, between wiping butts, noses and tears but, within in all of those small, breath taking(and unfortunately to quickly fleeting) moments I see my life as extraordinary.

I hope you enjoy the journey with us.