Two weeks ago tomorrow, I finally got Brayden baptised.  Typically, this happens within weeks, or months of a baby's birth.  However, I knew that I would have trouble getting Brayden baptised when I was not really 'practicing'.  But, I believe in the purpose of baptism.  However, what I didn't know were some of the other identifying purposes.  In the past I was annoyed that I was going to have to take a class about getting my child baptised.  I spent 12 years in Sunday school, what could I learn that I didn't already know? And, the Priest went through all of the symbolism with me.  What I didn't know was what this sacrament represented.  Having the Priest educate me on 'why' was really important.  It was something I didn't know - nor would I have gotten had it been taught to me when I was younger.  He said, Baptism is a commitment to God, and to a faith family (those I knew), but it is your identity.  It is who you are - just as your genes are passed down through genetics, your faith is as well.  Wow, I get it.  I now get that when I was struggling with my religion, I would have never entertained the idea of converting.  ever.  I hear that from a lot of Catholics.  It is because it is who we are.  It is part of our identity.  Just as much as I am Norwegian and Republican - I am too, a Catholic.  Those are descriptive titles I would use to describe 'who' I am.

I love when I have those "ah-ha" moments. 

I believe all religions have their own interpretations and Catholics are the same way.  We interpret the Bible in a way that makes us Catholic, just as others do for their own religions.  At this point in my life, I feel it is necessary to have this relationship with God, and with a church.  I am learning so much now, because I have had life experience to help me really learn.  Not only that, I have a great Priest.  To me, that is why I go.  I go to learn.  I go to pray.  I go to pass that on to Brayden.  

The ceremony was a really nice.  Prior to the start, Father Hougan explained the Baptism to Brayden - all of the "what's and why's" on what he was going to do - that was really wonderful.  Here are a few pictures, taken by the wonderful Chris Bland!