TODAY, is Brayden's 4th birthday!

A lot has changed in this very short time - from the chunky, little baby to a never. stop. running. little boy - and he really is ALL BOY!  He won't think twice to rescue a worm from the drive-way on a rainy day, and yes that is with bare hands - Mom will have nothing to do with that. 

Brayden and I have traveled many, many miles together.  From Georgia, to Virginia, to Illinois - and many miles in between.  He gets full credit for helping me become the person I am - I hope I can do him proud...  as proud as he has already made his Mama. 

I am terrible about scrap books - I tried, I have most of his 1st years done...   But, I started doing his birthday videos, I hope that makes up for it, a little.  

Here is birthday #4 for my big man, Little Buddy - My favorite 1st born, and the sweetest little guy I know.