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Coming September 2015, we will be adding another little person to our family.  I like to call this unexpected happiness. 

I was pretty adamant while pregnant with Miranda, that this was for sure it.  No more babies.  I was huge, sick, and tired.... and huge.  But, as the pregnancy and labor affects wear off, and there is a perfect little baby growing right before your eyes, it becomes a little easier to think about the possibility.  I got a little sad as I blinked and before my eyes, Miranda was 6 months old, then 8, then 9...  and I felt like the closure wasn't there.  That, this may not be the last one.  And then surprise!  She won't be.  But this one will be, maybe! ;)

I love trying to get pictures of these two stinkers - sitting nice and smiling...  well, as Brayden gets easier, Miranda won't sit still - and then we get to add another to the mix! 


Both Brayden and Miranda were made to care and lookout for someone - Miranda wasn't meant to be the youngest.  They are both going to be awesome!