Who could resist this cutie in denim and boots?!  How adorable is he?  And, would you look at those big brown eyes!!??

I love this part of my life - taking pictures.  Little Nolan is cousins to my post about little butt cheekers.  We all got to hang out again at the farm for his session.  I had just as much fun as the kids did!  

I took a little longer than normal to get his pictures edited.  His family got concerned that there wasn't any of him smiling - or potentially pictures of real tangible quality.  Defiantly not the case! Check him out below! 


Little Nolan is 3.  And, as my soft spot for little boys should have it - he reminded me of Brayden.  Brayden isn't 3 yet - but, it is quickly approaching.  Nolan gave me a flash forward of what to expect.  He was excited, yet calmer.  He followed directions beautifully.  And, he was able to hold up his 3 fingers...  Brayden and I are still working on that :) He made me appreciate the 2 year old that Brayden still is - because Nolan was 3: more grown up.  Something that is very hard for me to picture Brayden as...  He is still my baby :) I suppose Brayden will 'grow up' too and I won't even notice the transition.  It makes me a little sad, but excited too.