I babysat my sister's 3 kids the other night.  4 kids under 1 roof is much different than 1 kid.  Brayden alone gets me frazzled.  I kept thinking, "oh my gosh, I am going to pull my hair out."   I waited for the chaos...  but it never happened.  Sure, there were a few fights over toys and few tears, but what is a good family night without the normal.  To be honest, I really enjoyed it.  They are all at such great ages - absolutely the most innocent, kind, caring, considerate little ones.  It was really fun - and, I need to make a point to do it more often.  They played, made cookies, bathed, watched movies - and laughed - a lot.  And, I did too. 

This was on Friday - I was still shaken from that days tragedy.  So, it could have contributed to the realness of that night.  I had Brayden and his cousins - and John (he's a teacher) all together.  all safe.  all happy.  

Thank you God for this extraordinary everyday life.  We are so blessed.  Thank you for the laughter, and tears.  The messy fingers and flour every where.  Thank you for the the simplest joy of making dinosaur cookies; and memories.  all together.  all safe.  all happy.