You know the saying ' the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...'  Well, in the case of my sweet niece the apple does fall far from the tree...   I would swear that she is my daughter :)  She has a sweat angelic disposition, just like her mom - but, she also has a spark of her Aunt Moo (yes, that is my nickname - story for another time).  That spark is a little sassy and a little feisty.  Her mom, my sister, is very calm and kind and I have heard her described as one of the nicest people on the planet (actually, I have heard that from 2 people - so, there must be some truth to it).  When I was little, my family use to call me little Auga.  Auga was my Grandpa's sister.  Let me tell you, I met her when I was a little older, and I could definitely see the personality resemblance between Auga and I.  She was as sweet as pie - but, she came with a punch! I have always taken pride in that nickname.   I quickly learned when my little niece was walking and talking that it was time to pass the torch.  

Now, my little apple of a niece is not all sass.  She is as thoughtful and considerate as she is beautiful. She is already a worrier and wants to be sure you always leave her house with food and as happy as possible. She is as smart as a whip and very inquisitive.  I love her girlie tendencies (very different from my 'all boy').  She is Mama's little helper and Daddy's little girl.  

I am intrigued as to what she will be when she grows up - however, she can take her time.  We like just as she is.  Our sweet, feisty little Auga.  We all love you to pieces! Happy Birthday Sweetie!