"I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.  I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind.  Its gone be a bright sun-shiny day".  

I was celebrating myself last night.  No one knew - but if you would have seen me cooking dinner and dancing around the kitchen, it would have been a good indication that things were going right!  Not because I was dancing (that's normal), but because I was cooking...  The kitchen hates me.  I was happy because I have sold several pieces of my painted furniture! - and, one person even ordered some additional pieces to be done.  Oh me, oh my!  AND (yes, it gets better) I have on average 1 photo session a weekend.  That is HUGE!  People are finding me, through referrals and FB.  It feels SO GOOD!  And the best part, the clients are loving their pictures - which is the most important.  

I am beaming!  :)

The month of May has been good to me!  It has been a long 10 months - I have been working none stop.  Investing money and time in myself.  That is hard to do - Biting the bullet. Taking a leap of faith.  Putting all of my eggs in one basket.  I have spent endless hours researching, learning, shopping (that's the fun part) editing, organizing, painting...  and not sleeping :)

That also means that my clients have taken a leap of faith on me as well.  :) This summer is off to a great start - I hope that is a good indication of where this road is headed.   It's funny, driving down the road in a car packed full of upcoming projects and props for my photo session, and I look in the rear view mirror and I see 2 very important images that keep me moving forward; Brayden singing along with me to our favorite songs and the road behind in the far distance.  All I do is smile - loving the road I'm on! 

I am super excited for this weekend - 2 very cool sessions...  One involving an adorable family and an awesome Victorian Couch and a Mommy / Daughter Session - With Horses!!!  Stay tuned next week! Also, Check out the newly updated Home page and Gallery!  Lots of new faces!!  Don't forget to book your Father's Day Special Session