There is something about pregnant women that gives me chill bumps.  It could be that they are absolutely adorable or maybe it is the miracle that is growing, and partly me reliving the astonishment I experienced through my own pregnancy.  Thinking back to all of the wonderful moments in my life, that experience may take the cake - second to the delivery of course.  I believe, that is as close as most of us ever come to experiencing a real miracle. 

Chris and I spent some time with a dear friend of ours, Tara.  I find her exceptionally beautiful - I knew her when she was little, she is best friends to my younger sister.  She has a great husband - and their love and bond can be seen through their photos.  They are beautiful couple and soon to come, a beautiful baby too!  


 I had the chance to try something new.  I know it isn't everyone's style but, I thought it looked cool - kind of a modern art feel.  Important Note:  Tara does NOT know what she is having - this is NOT the reveal - That won't happen until he / she graces them with their presence.  However, if it is a boy - then the picture works :)  If not, no biggie!  :)




 What do you think?  Alittle bit Andy Warhol??  Like or no?



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