I have done a lot of research on chalk paint - and I am far, far from an expert - but, I am having fun learning about it! I am trying a few different techniques - and in typical Megan fashion, I have messed up a few items too! - Live and learn!  So, here is a basic tutorial on 'how to' with chalk paint!


  • I use regular latex paint - flat. I haven't tried to use anything else (satin , semi gloss - I assume it has to do with the sanding - flat works best to do that).
  • I mix 2 Cups of paint with 2 table spoons of sandless grout (make sure it is sandless - I learned this the hard way). 
  • I have used both a roller and a paint brush. It depends on the look you are trying to achieve. 
  • If you want it to look more distressed, use a paint brush to see the strokes and do 1 coat. 
  • If you want it to have more coverage - use the roller and do several coats.


  • I use just a regular manual hand sander.
  • I do a light sanding over the entire piece.
  • I do hard sanding on the edges. 
  • I do some hard sanding on a few spots on the front to make it look more beat up. This is harder to do the more layers you have on it. 
  • Something else to try - you can do it two toned - paint 1 layer with a paint brush with 1 color and do another layer with another color using the paint brush. That looks cool too.
  • After it is dry and you are happy with the look, wipe it down to get all dust off.

Top Coat

  • Then you can use a wax or a stain on it. This is a little bit trickier. Depending on what you are doing.
  • If you want dark wood to show, use a q-tip with a dark stain and go over the edges - let it dry. it will stain the paint so be careful. If you just want it to have a shine to it, you can use a polyurethane / polycrylic - they may need to be sanded lightly and reapplied - you can follow the instructions on the can. 
  • I often use a light stain - depending on the paint color on the furniture. I use a honey color stain / natural wood - and it actually gives it a slight yellow tint... makes it look old. But, you have to be careful depending on the color. If you want something to be a light color - light pink or white - use a polyurethane - or something clear. 

Extra tips

  • Take pictures as you go! 
  • Have fun! - I love it.  I turn my music up loud and I zone out.  It feels like therapy. 
  • Don't stress - I have messed up on a few pieces - but, it is paint.  One piece that I was really loving, I applied a dark stain - to white paint...  well, it was a nightmare.  So, I sanded and stared over.  No big deal.  
  • Try your first attempt on something that you don't love.  Take an item that you aren't in love with.  It will make for a great trial run and you may just end up loving that piece of furniture again!

I also wrote about this subject here and here.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or let me know if you have a piece you would like done! 


 Upcoming projects, painting fabric and making milk paint! ;)