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Plus a bazillion sites and photographers on Facebook. 

These sites are consuming my time, and my money!  

When I was the 12 year old girl that talked of her wedding, it wasn't a big, fancy, detailed event.  I can remember telling my sister Marcy that I would be perfectly happy having KFC cater my wedding.  Put some picnic tables in the yard and I would be happy. Well, here we are, 18 years later  and I am far from the KFC reception - far, far from it.  

When John and I started talking about getting married, I started pinning my ideas for our wedding, dream a little dream. Well, 777 pins later - I am in over my head! It is easy to get consumed by the beauty that weddings represent.  I have had the frame work of what I wanted our wedding to look like in my head but, to actually get to that non typical wedding that represents me, and have a budget, has been more challenging then I ever imagined.  

I narrowed my selections to a 14 page word document that detailed and narrowed down the selection for our big event.  I detailed costs, responsible persons, due dates with deliverables.  It is still evolving, adding and deleting with realism - now that actual money is being spent and the date creeps closer.  I am behind schedule.  I haven't sent out my save the dates yet, 2 months beyond the 'minimum requirement' of when they say you are supposed to send them out.  We crossed our 4 month mark until the walk down the isle on Wednesday, April 10th.  That day was a very real day for me.  Lots of emotions - coupled with panic of everything that has to be done.  

Realizing the importance of resources, I thought I would share some of mine; listed above.  But, also, I thought I would share what I am doing to make our special day, special.  

The Catering Gourmets  was the first 'to do' that we checked off our list.  This may have been done a little backwards, because we didn't have a venue.  But, they are worth it.  I was blown away at our food tasting and I continue to boast about my caterers - about how excited I am for our food and the uniqueness of what we are doing.  The best part, I went to the food tasting and I told Janet what I wanted to do.  I told her it would be an outdoor event and I would be doing all of my place settings with China.  I want to create an experience and an ambiance with the set-up.  She piggy-backed off what I have in mind and tailored our meal to go with the experience.  They are bringing the big grills for our dinner.  The aroma of a fresh grilled meal with beautiful colors in the strawberry salad and bright veggies is going to be a big hit of the night.  I am convinced that I will be a bride with a Nikon around her neck - I want so badly to photograph my own wedding :)  I think I just might have to - at least have my camera within an arms reach.   

Speaking of photographers, I really struggled with finding mine.  Literally, I waited until just last week to book mine.  I now understand the struggle of finding a photographer, I didn't get it before.  It isn't a lack in selection, it is a struggle with finding someone you feel you will trust.  I found someone that was recommended for Child Photography on FB.  I checked out her albums and knew at that moment that I had found my photographer.  Her and I have the same style, taste, pose selection, etc.  Then after I met her, it made all of my nerves about finding just the right person, calm.  finally.  I will share her info at a later date - I didn't ask in advance if I could blog about her, so, after I get the nod - I will share her. :)

VENUE.  I had a vision of what I wanted.  I wanted this big beautiful barn, I wanted my parents big beautiful barn.  But, a working farm and a 'fancy' reception don't always work well together.   So, I had to search elsewhere.  The Mora Farm is where I found just the right place for us to celebrate.  It is a beautiful atmosphere and very accommodating owners.  

Vintage Rentals.  We made the decision to invest in our own place settings - dinner plates, salad plates and bowls, dessert plates, teacups, silverware, glassware, serving dishes, etc.  So, down another avenue, coupled with my wedding photography, I am excited to help create the same classic vintage comfort to other weddings and special events.  I have already booked a few vintage rental dates.  Along with my china, I am a self proclaimed hoarder - lover of everything old.  I plan on having different decorated corners to give the vintage vibe wedding.  My own wedding will be used as my marketing material! 

Band.  I was very determined to have a modern country band for my wedding.  It isn't everybody's style, but it is mine and John's.  So, that is what we are doing.  We have a band that I am very happy with.  We need to do some finalizing, but as soon as that is done I will share them with you as well.  We will have some other music played during the break times to play the other genres of music. Finding a band was a huge challenge.  I think it is because we are kinda in the sticks.  I had to do a lot of research and eventually I got a referral from one band for another.  It all works out!

Bridal Party.  We decided not to have one.  This was a difficult choice.  In the end, after all of the weighing and discussions, it came down to one important fact, the wedding is about us, John, Brayden, and I starting our family.  We have the 'unofficial bridal party' that will still serve the same roles.  They will be there to support us now and forever.  There will still be pictures of our closest.   They will still be present before, during, and after the partying.  We believe they don't need the title to know their importance to us on that day.  It actually has helped to eliminate a lot of extra 'stuff' like dresses, and tuxes, and shoes and jewelry, and...  all of the extra coordinating.  

Wedding favors.  I have to admit, this is a little bit of a guilty pleasure.  Damn you Pinterest! I am having a very hard time selecting / limiting what these are going to be.  Creative by nature, I want to do everything - and make everything by hand.  I believe I have it narrowed down...  I will wait to share that later when I can show some samples.  

Save the Dates / Wedding invitations.  I made ours.  And by made I mean designed, no template.  From the picture in our Save the Dates, the invitations,  and the rsvp cards.  It has been a process to teach myself to expand into the design aspect - but I really enjoy it.  I originally thought it would save some money too.  And, it may very well have - but, I never researched what they cost so I can't say for certain.  But, it is just one more little touch of the wedding that has made the wedding more ours.  

The countdown is on.  121 days.