photo by ChrisI don't think I have ever formally introduced myself.  :) So, I thought I would take this opportunity to share my vision of Life, Love & Lemons {blog & photography}.

I have had this dream for as long as I can remember.  I didn't dream of doing it professionally, all I knew is that I wanted to take beautiful pictures to have to cherish throughout life.  A whirlwind of life experiences were thrown at me, and life has taken a few turns that I never anticipated.  And as I say most days, this is the happiest I have ever been.  I have the privilege to be a Mama to, who I think, is the sweetest and most adorable little guy on the planet (I may be biased).  I am now chasing dreams that have always been there, but I never totally knew what they were.  I stumbled, not by accident, onto the beautiful writings by Amy Kolz. I poured over her writings and her story.  She inspired me.  My personality doesn't allow me to sit and wait.  I chase.  I act.  I do.  Now.  So, that is what I did.  I had my camera already so, I plunged into researching photographers, DIYers, techniques, props, backdrops, prices, reviews of photographers, reviews of equipment, ect.  I am still learning - and I love that.  I love that no day ever passes where I am not learning something new.  

I have a much larger vision for where Life, Love & Lemons is going to go.  A few other passions that I have waiting in the wings - and I look forward to developing and sharing along the way! But, I love where we are at right now.  I am meeting amazing people.  I have bookings more often than not, which is a great place to be!  Every mile is accomplished one step at a time.  For now, I am just enjoying the experience and not looking too far ahead.  I am taking it one step at a time, and smiling along the way. I love the journey.  

My blog is kinda random.  Someone asked me what my message was?  "I don't know" was my response.  It is just life - and life is kinda random.  It is reflection on the past and cherishing living in the now. It is about the evolution of self and the crazy funny and sentimental moments that get us through the day to day.  It's a journey and record.  Basically, I get to share all of the 'stuff' in my head.  I really enjoy writing it.  And I LOVE when people tell me that they read it...  I am glad they are able to sift through my grammatical errors!

photo by MeganThe interesting part of this all is that I have shared this dream with someone who has inspired me for many years now.  It is my brother-in-law, Chris.  He has an amazing eye and his technique is flawless.  He is teaching me, a lot!  Also, he has industry experience through web design (and a lot of other techy stuff that I have no clue about).  Basically, I showed up at he and my sisters house and said, I bought a domain name and site.  Now what :)  From there, we have been supporting eachother.  Chris is more than a partner in this business, he is the husband to my sister and the father to my neice and nephew.  He is amazing in all of his roles.  He doesn't sleep either! Of course, none of this would be possible without my sister (his wife's) support.  They have a relationship that I not only admire, but aspire to have the same amazing partnership in my personal life as Mallory and Chris have developed. 

Chris' photo sessions will start to be subject matter of the blog and his pictures will also be joining the Gallery very soon!

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