I don't get that saying...  Cat's out of the bag??  If a cat were in a bag, I am pretty sure we would know it...  Anyway, onto the important stuff...  and by important I mean the adorable session I am now allowed to share.  

The folks that know me, know that I can't do surprises!  I get so excited, that I ruin it - they get gifts early or I go on and on about the fabulous gift they are going to get... and then I talk myself into telling them what it is.  HOWEVER, this surprise I was keeping, kinda...  I got to share it with people I work with and my family, but they were NOT allowed to breathe a word about the top secret Father's Day Photo Sessions.  But, I received a text yesterday that said, it was no longer a surprise - She had to share the beautiful pictures with her husband.  Phewww....  NOW I can share!  Thanks Nicole!  I was having a hard time containing myself!! ;)

Justin - Happy Father's Day, early! ;)